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用 Google Contacts 管理联系人有很多好处自不必多说。出于数据洁癖,通常我会以人为单位来创建,把他的多个Email地址、联系电话等信息都归集合并在一个联系人条目下。



打开联系人 -> 找到联系人姓名下面的联系人所属Group列表区域 -> 每个群组的右侧应该都有一个倒三角标识,点击这个三角 -> 出现Email地址勾选项,选中你希望与Group做对应的Email地址 -> 然后点击勾选项下面的 "Apply" 按钮。

Multiple emails per contact in Gmail group?

Open a contact.  At the top, under the contact's name, you should see a list of contact groups that the contact belongs to.  To the right of each group's name, there should be a small triangle.  If you click that triangle, it will give you a list of email addresses for the contact, and allow you to check the address(es) that you want to belong to that particular group.  Make sure you click "Apply" when you're done.

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