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SVN PROPFIND Request Failed

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PROPFIND Request Failed - Error 405 HTTP Method Not Allowed

This message comes in different flavours. You might be seeing this error when:

  • PROPFIND Request Failed
    You tried to browse the parent path of a repository instead of the repository itself using an older version of TortoiseSVN. Try appending the name of the repository you wish to access, or upgrade TortoiseSVN to 1.2.3 or newer.
  • PROPFIND Request Failed
    You forgot to append a '/' slash to the end of the URL you entered. Older versions of TSVN requires that there be a '/' after the repository name. If you forget this, TSVN will strip the repository name from the URL and therefore try to access the parent directory.
  • Lock Request Failed
    You tried to lock a file in your working copy which no longer exists in the repository. Update your working copy before trying to lock files.

For more information about what actually caused the error, seek out the Apache error log.

这是 TortoiseSVN 对于 PROPFIND Request Failed 错误的说明。 实际上,除了上面提到的几个与 TortoiseSVN 版本有关的原因之外,也可能是你根本就敲错了 repository 所在的路径。理论上来说返回的错误码如果是 404 Not Found 更容易让人理解一些,但确实就是返回 405 的错误。一个小小的键盘键入错误也许就会让你误以为是 svn 的服务器出了什么问题。。

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