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Google IM要来了?!

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Google executives say they plan to unveil on Wednesday a "communications tool" that is potentially a clear step beyond the company's search-related business focus.

While executives would not disclose what the new software tool might be, Google has long been expected to introduce an instant messaging service to compete with services offered by America Online, Yahoo and MSN from Microsoft.

A new Google strategy to enter the communications world could raise even more interesting questions than the current Silicon Valley hubbub over what it might choose to buy.

果是真的话,马上就能见识一下Google IM的威力了。期待ing。不过这个重磅炸弹就算不是这两天就发布,从Google最近的动作幅度来说,那也是早晚的事。正象IcbBin说的:“他们肯定在用GOOGLE IM的BETA版本,只是不让我们知道。”

Update:网上已经有人贴出了Google Talk的使用截图。据说Google Talk将集成IM, VoIP, Gmail等功能,产品通讯基于开放的Jabber协议。Gtalk使用Gmail账号作为用户名,连接服务器为talk.google.com(Web页面仍不可连接),端口号为5222(XMPP标准)。

Google Talk Client下载地址: http://www.google.com/talk/  (900k)

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